Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fine Art Jewelry -- Colored Porcelain

Bryan Johnson
61207 Sedge Hill Road
Marengo, WI 54855


These are samples of my neriage/nerikome jewelry.
The designs are made with layers of colored clay ...sometimes hundreds of layers.
Below are just a few of my designs; I have many more variations available.
The "landscape" designs are the most popular.

Earring findings are made of surgical steel.
Pendant cord lengths range from 16 to 28 inches.

Retail prices: $18 per pair for earrings, $28 for pendants.
Contact me for more information about ordering jewelry, or for consignment or wholesale pricing.

I also create functional pottery. For more information, visit and

Earrings and Pendants

"Landscape" Earrings - oval shaped
"Landscape" Pendant

Black and White "Kaleidoscope" Earrings

"Star" Earrings

"Blue Star" Pendant

"Floating Colors" Earrings

Black and White "Swirl" Earrings

"Landscape" Earrings -- teardrop shaped

"Concentric" Pendant

Black and White "Spiderweb" Earrings

"Agate Flowers" Earrings

"Agate" Pendant